• Your Internet & Email Security
    Data Feed Experts

    • IP

      50 billion spam messages will be sent each day! Spamhaus will block 95% of them at connect time, without accepting any data.

    • DOMAIN

      5 million new suspect URLs are discovered each month. Cybercrime gangs routinely create tens of thousands of new domains each day to be used in phishing Emails.

  • Who Can Benefit

    • Email
      Service Providers

      Eliminate fraudulent sign-ups and account hijacks on your system. These two factors are the leading cause of blacklistings and poor deliverability.

      • PREVENT bots & high-risk users from subscribing.
      • DETECT & DENY fraudulent logins from cracked accounts.
      • BLOCK outbound malicious content and domains.

    • OEM
      Email Security

      Improve your performance and spam catch rates. Updated every 5 seconds, blocks up to 95% of all infected messages purely on IP connection data.

      • Reject messages at SMTP Connect – accept zero data.
      • Trusted by 1.7 billion mailboxes – zero false positives.
      • Scan for malicious domains & URL’s within messages.

    • ISPs / Telcos
      Web Hosters

      Protect your network, protect your customers, protect your reputation. Our trusted IP and Domain Data Feeds keep your infrastructure & systems safe and reduce help desk calls.

      • Reclaim your bandwidth, keep spam off your network.
      • Recover network storage, keep mailboxes clean.
      • Report infected sites and prevent device infections.

  • What our customers are saying...

    • “Keeping our Emails streams as pristine as possible is critical to our clients. Spamhaus’ Domain Block List (DBL) is a key resource for Maropost. We use DBL to keep bad actors out of our Email stream and maximize response rates.”
      Ross Andrew, CEO
    • “With over 5 million mailboxes, content filtering simply wasn’t cutting it for us. We turned to Spamhaus. It’s more efficient than other content filtering solutions and we love its low cost. I highly recommend the Spamhaus Data Feed Service.”
      Alex Marinkovic, Manager of Application Engineering
      Cox Communications
    • “Spamhaus has helped us save on equipment and lowered our operational costs. They have a great reputation and I would definitely recommend them to anyone looking at increasing their organization’s productivity.”
      Steffen Winther Sorensen, System Manager
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  • Trusted Technology Partners

    Spamhaus Anti-Spam Data Feeds are used by organizations around the world to help them fight the scourge of spam
    Realtime URI Blacklist containing domain names belonging to and used by spammers

    Blacklist Informant - Know if you’re blacklisted the moment it occurs

    DNS Whitelist - Protect against false positives