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STOP Spam, Viruses, Bots and Other Malicious Threats From Entering Your Network

Platinum SPAMHAUS Vendor

Keep Your Inboxes Clean, Systems Secure & Costs Low

Internet Service Providers (ISPs)

Block Over 90% of SPAM at the SMTP Connection Time
Secure your DNS by Controlling what can be Resolved


Identify Compromised Machines/ Users within your Network
Brand Protection

Security/ Antivirus Vendors

Perform Fact-Based Risk Assessment of Domain Names
Improve Coverage and Accuracy of your Threat Intelligence

Email Service Providers (ESPs)

Protect your Reputation and Avoid Being Blacklisted
Identify Malicious Domains Within your Customers Campaigns

Education Sector

Block Botnet Traffic from Entering your Network
Plug-and-play Solutions for Easy Implementation



The World’s Most-Used IP & Domain Reputation Data


The ZEN list is a combination of Spamhaus’ IP Based DNSBLs which can be used by all modern mail servers to block SPAM

Domain Block List (DBL)

The DBL is a database of domains found in SPAM messages which include phishing, fraud/”419″ or domains sending or hosting malware/ viruses

Botnet Block List (BBL)

The BBL is a list of known Botnet Command & Control (C&C) centers operated by cybercriminals for the exclusive purpose of controlling individual malware-infected computers

Don’t Route or Peer Lists (DROP/eDROP)

The DROP/eDROP lists are IP based. They consist of netblocks that are hijacked or leased by professional SPAMMERS or cyber-crime operations

Extended Exploit Block List (eXBL)

Database of IP addresses of hijacked PCs infected by illegal 3rd party exploits, including open proxies and other types of Trojan-horse exploits

SMTP AUTH Block List (AuthBL)

List of IPs which are known to brute force/hack mail servers and/or IMAP servers


We have been using Spamhaus for over five years now. It is much more efficient than simple content filtering and we love its low cost. I highly recommend the use of the Spamhaus Datafeed Service.Alex Marinkovic - Manager of Application Engineering at Cox Communications
The Spamhaus Datafeed Service has greatly helped us save on equipment and lower operational costs. They are well known for having a great reputation and I would most definitely recommend this service to those looking at increasing productivity within their organization.Steffen Winther Sørensen - System Manager at TDC
Since having implemented the Spamhaus Datafeed Service, we benefit from the lowest false positive rates. The price simply cannot be beat and the comprehensive product support provided by mxtools is fantastic. I would certainly recommend this service to others.Eric Toczek - Director of Email at Synacor

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