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Data For Mail Filters

The Spamhaus Anti-Spam Datafeed Service is used by organisations large and small throughout the world to help them fight the scourge of spam. Maintained around the clock by Spamhaus’ team of dedicated professionals, they draw on a mixture of automated and manual systems that creates an IP reputation and domain reputation dataset which helps block over 90% of spam at the SMTP connection time. This means resources are saved and end users are protected. Over 1.9 billion mailboxes are protected by Spamhaus’ IP Reputation Data, making it a proven solution for clean inboxes.

Data For Security

Spamhaus Security Data provides powerful solution-independent information to protect your network and your users. The Spamhaus Security Data offers both IP based and Domain based datasets, allowing both wide and deep real-time protection. The IP based datasets cover IP addresses showing infected behavior, known command and control nodes and dedicated net block allocations to known bad actors. Also available are specialized datasets covering name server reputation. The Domain based dataset provides reliable and up-to-date domain reputation data. Sourced from the same systems that produce the DBL Spamhaus has created specific security and malware related datasets.

Domain Reputation Data

The Spamhaus Domain Block List (DBL) provides reliable and up-to-date domain reputation data. The DBL can be used to check the reputation of all domains involved in email headers and email bodies. This enables doing pre- and post-accepts filtering. Experience, care and processes mean that capture rates are consistently high with markedly low false positive rates.

Data for Network Filtering

Protect your organization at a network level with Spamhaus’ BGP feeds. These datasets allow network administrators to peer with Spamhaus through Border Gateway Protocol (BGP) enabling router equipment to block packets originating from known malicious IP addresses. Ensuring confidentiality and integrity of your network while blocking traffic from known bad IP address space.

Data for DNS Firewall (RPZ)

One of the most powerful avenues of end-user protection is done at the DNS level. By controlling what can be resolved by end users, established malicious communication channels can be cut off, and new infections can be prevented. It also allows for the identification of infected or compromised hosts within a network, ISP or corporation. Controlling the DNS channel can be done in real-time with DNS Response Policy Zones. Spamhaus’ Data for DNS security covers both IP based and Domain based threats, including known DGAs.

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  • Spam Capture Rate (pre-data)89.42%

  • False Positive Rate0.00%

  • Final VB Score 89.42%


500email users

  • USD $321 / year
  • =$0.642 per mailbox

1,500email users

  • USD $713 / year
  • =$0.476 per mailbox

10,000email users

  • USD $2,832 / year
  • =$0.283 per mailbox

10,000+email users

*Discounts are available for educational and non-profit organizations
We have been using Spamhaus for over five years now. It is much more efficient than simple content filtering, and we love its low cost. I highly recommend the use of the Spamhaus Datafeed Service. Alex Marinkovic
Manager of Application Engineering at Cox Communications
The Spamhaus Datafeed Service has greatly helped us save on equipment and lower operational costs. They are well known for having a great reputation and
I would most definitely recommend this service to those looking at increasing productivity within their organizations. Steffen Winther Sørensen - System Manager at TDC
Since having implemented the Spamhaus Datafeed Service, we benefit from the lowest false positive rates. The price simply cannot be beat, and the comprehensive
product support provided by MXTools is fantastic. I would certainly recommend this service to others. Eric Toczek - Director of Email at Synacor

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